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About COVID-19 vaccinations

June 20th, 2021

To the students and faculty staff of Ehle Institute

Ehle Institute

About COVID-19 vaccinations


COVID-19 vaccination is making progress in each region. Many people have already received vaccination information and their vaccination coupons. Since many international students are enrolled at our school, we have been discussing the implementation of occupational vaccination or group reservation vaccination with related organizations, but it is currently difficult to implement due to the lack of vaccines in the country and each region. Therefore, regarding the vaccination of current students and faculty members of our school, we will follow the policy below.

1. For the faculty staff, please proceed with vaccination at your own discretion according to the circumstances of the area where you live.

2. For current students, make sure to not lose the vaccination information sent to you, and then make reservations for yourself when possible. Please refer to the links below for information in several languages. We will allow one day of permitted absence from classes to get vaccinated.

3. In the near future, when the vaccination situation has become smooth in Osaka City, we will hold an information meeting with detailed information on how to get vaccinated. We will also continue to consider the possibility of group vaccination as well as post information to our homepage and social media.

4. Getting vaccinated is not mandatory, so please make your own judgment. If you are unsure of what to do, please contact the information centres found within the sites linked below.

<Reference information>

Sites that explain vaccination in several languages.

1. Regarding vaccination Osaka International House Foundation

Information on vaccination including vaccination coupons, vaccination time, vaccination place, pre-vaccination screening questionnaire, and what to bring for your vaccination.






Information on how to make reservations for Osaka City Large-Scale Vaccination Center (INTEX OSAKA) is also available here.

2. Explanation of the process from receiving vaccination coupon to making a reservation (Available in Japanese, English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai) JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT

This site also has information on the overall process of vaccination

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